Artist Spotlight: Amber Rie Thurston

Amber Rie Thurston  By: Aubrey E. Thompke Having the privilege to talk with a friend and fellow artist recently I was delighted that her art form has again grown to most interesting extremes. Amber Rie...

Movie Review: Crimson Peak

Movie Review: Crimson Peak by John Barrett Jr. - “DJ Verve” on WIDR’s Birdland – 12-4 PM Sundays Rated R; 97 minutes. Rated R; 119 minutes. Written and Directed by Guillermo del Toro; starring Mia...

The Go Rounds: Album Review

The Go Rounds Album Review by Colin Smith Go Rounds Goes about Changing The Go Rounds have always been a high-energy, twangy, and lush outfit. They released their third full-length record, don’t go not...